Stump Grinding

A-Cut Tree Services have been providing stump grinding and stump removal solutions to a broad spectrum of clientele, from: residential properties, commercial sites, mine sites, asset management businesses and local and state government departments throughout the South West areas of Western Australia for the past 17 years.

Providing the following stump grinding and removal solutions:
• All large or small stumps
• Residential properties
• Landscape development projects
• Block clearing
• Construction development projects
• Narrow access stump grinding specialists
• Working nearby to underground services
• Fire mitigation
• Stump grinding for councils on verges and within local reserves
• Extraction of stumps
• Stump grinding and root ball removal
• Reinstatement service of subsoil and removal of debris if required

Once a tree has been removed, the stump will still be sitting about ground.
If you do not remove it in time, it may sit there rotting and causing a range of issues being;

• Trip hazard,
• Hazardous to lawnmowers
• Kids playing.
• Old stumps attract ants, termites, woodboring and insects.
• New unwanted Tree Growth
• Long time to break down

By grinding stumps you can plant or re-garden reuse the space.
Using professional stump grinding equipment safe and effective removal of stump.
If your garden, grounds, or paddock has become a graveyard of unsightly (and unsafe) tree stumps, you need to hire a professional stump grinder from A-Cut Tree Services.Stumps can be grounded approximately, 100mm to 300mm in depth.